Patient Jitendra-Chinna

Hello Doctor Shailesh. It was nice meeting you. Thank you very much for your excellent treatment. i really appreciate you for your patience and the expertise knowledge. Thanks.. Chinna

Patient: Gita Ravi Kumar

Thank you very much doctor for all the efforts you have taken in spite of your busy schedule, for performing the laser treatment on 31st August.
May God bless you with his choicest blessings. May you get all the best things in life, that is my heart felt prayer.
Thank you once again.
Gita Ravi Kumar

Patient: Dheyaa Thamer

I am Mr Dheyaa Thamer 37 year male from Iran, was suffering from large growing mass in right cheek, tongue and oral cavity. It was slowly and progressively increasing in size since my childhoo.  Now it was causing bleeding from tongue, difficulty in eating and breathing. I underwent open surgery in Iran 1 year back  but without any improvement. So I and my whole family was very worried with this terrible problem. Sometime I use to cry whether I will die with this problem or what. Then we did global search and found Dr Shaileshkumar Garge, Vascular and surgical radiologist, as an expert in such cases. He replied to us immediately to our questions about the nature of disease and any treatment options. When we first met him, he is kind and caring. He explained us everything about our disease and made us as comfortable as possible . He has done pin hole surgery for me without any cuts, sutures or scar and surgery was painless. He completed  his work with expertise and efficiency. After 3 days, my swelling has drastically reduced which I was not expecting. Dr Shaileshkumar is competent, profressional, intelligent and extremely good at what he does.

Thank you very much Dr Shaileshkumar, you have given new life to me.

Patient: Moutasim Ibrahim

Hello Dr. Shailesh, the great…
Iam so proud of you, ur talency and courtesy.
I beg the lord to bless you, give you the power and health to please all your patients.
I wish you all the best, hoping to see you again, with my sincere appreciation and gratitute…

Moutasim Ibrahim