Dr Shailesh kumar Garge
MBBS,  MD (Mum),  DNB,  FNVIR (CMC, Vellore),  FRCR (UK),  AET ( Bangkok)

Best vascular surgeons in hyderabad Dr. Shailesh Kumar Garge specializes in and regularly carries out various procedures like:

  1. Laser treatment for varicose veins and piles, perianal fistulas, fissures and pilonidal sinus
  2. All embolisation procedures like fibroid embolisation, varicocele embolisation, bleeder embolisation
  3. Thrombolysis- catheter directed, thrombosuctions, embolectomy, DVT management
  4. AVM, AVF and various vascular malformation management
  5. Foot ulcers management,
  6. Balloon angioplasty and stenting in peripheral arterial disease and critical limb ischemia.
  7. Venous stenting like SVC, IVC.
  8. Aortic aneurysm treatment-EVAR, TEVAR
  9. Rradiofrequency ablation of tumors and other onco-interventions,
  10. Hepatobiliary interventions- PTBD, Biliary stenting, Budd-Chiari management
  11. Neuro-vascular interventions including carotid stenting, aneurysm coiling, AVM embolisation, stroke management
  12. Pain management like ozone therapy, facetal blocks, celiac block, etc.
  13. Dialysis fistula management- thrombolysis, venous stenting.


No Anesthesia Required– Most surgeries done by Dr. Shailesh Kumar Garge does not require general anesthesia so that there is very less risk, less hospital stay and faster recovery. He is the best vascular surgeons in hyderabad.

Day Care Procedures– Most of the procedure done by Dr. Shailesh Kumar Garge are day care. Patients get discharged usually within few hours or within a day.

High Success Rate: Endovascular inteventional procedures have higher success rate compared to open surgical procedures.

Team: The success of vascular problems treatment is accomplished by a team of various health care professionals. Our team includes vascular specialist, plastic surgeon, general surgeon, general physician, neurologist, physician assistant, trained technologist and vascular trained nursing staff.

Facilities: We have state of the art advanced cath lab machine, Ultrasound machine. Using these facilities we provide high quality personalised care.